Roger Gosalbez

multimedia designer

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you can take a look at my work and find out who I am.

About Me

Hello! My name is Roger Gosalbez Pitaluga. Let's talk a little about me.

I was born on 1985 in Alicante, a small city in the east-southern spanish coast. When I was just a little child I started to show interest about design. I loved to make stickers collections and paint all arround my school homeworks. I loved to play drums making lot of noise, but that's another story.

I grew up happy in Mutxamel, a little town near Alicante always interested in magazines, motion graphics, movies, tv ...and packaging... yes not so conventional but true. I started to wonder why I was always thinking in how the milk brick was designed, or why pepsi was blue, and coke red. Then I realise that what I wanted to do in my life was to understand how things and products were presented, how brands were identified, how someome can comunicate something by images and shapes and how they were created.

When I got 18 I decided to study Audivisual Communication, Multimedia and Graphic Design. Some years later here I am, designing products and brands, webs and social app's, creating videos and trying not to became hairless before I get 30.

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Studies and Working Experience

  • 2009/2012 Multimedia Designer at Iternova S.L. - Tech. Consultants
  • 2008/2009 Freelance Graphic Designer
  • 2008 Student Internship in MasMedios as a Junior Graphic Designer
  • 2006/2007 Erasmus year studying product & graphic design in Germany
  • 2003/2008 University degree in Audiovisual Communication


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Where I'm living now

After living in Valencia, Köln, Teruel and Zaragoza now I'm living again in Mutxamel, the town where I grew up. What will be next? Who knows... ;)

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